Little Women’s Influences From Anne Of Green Gables

2 min readSep 21, 2022


I am re-reading Anne of the Island and I noticed a major difference between the novel and the 1985 series.

There are lots of people who ship Anne and Diana because of the 1985 series and I have written about it earlier.

In the series, Anne is surprisingly upset when she hears that Diana is engaged to Fred. In the novel, Anne is very happy for Diana and actually teases her quite a bit because she likes Fred.

Gilbert´s proposal in the series is almost word-to-word taken from the 1933 Little Women. I can´t help wondering if the script writer wanted to make Anne more Jo like referring to the first part in LW when 15-year-old Jo, gets upset when she hears that Meg has feelings for John.

As usual, there is a reason behind everything in Little Women. Louisa May Alcott lost her sister Lizzie when she was 26, and about a month after that Louisa´s big sister Anna announced that she was engaged. Louisa´s younger sister May was planning to move to Europe and she had just lost her little sister, so Anna getting married would mean that she was utterly alone.

In Little Women, Jo also fears being alone. Obviously, there are people who create all kinds of subtexts for that, but the real reason for her fear was the death of the author´s sister.

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